LNG & CNG Development 2017-08-17T14:39:56+00:00

Northstar Industries LNG/CNG Development View

The U.S. continues to experience a historic and long-term spread between natural gas and oil products. With the U.S. oil market approximately two times the size of the natural gas market, we are seeing large scale conversions from oil products to natural gas start to take place.

In light of this, Northstar Industries are developing new sources of LNG and CNG supply in various U.S. locations. Northstar’s core LNG and CNG expertise make for a logical transition into the development, ownership, and operation of new LNG/CNG assets. A Northstar source site is expected to meet the increasing U.S. market demand and serve the needs of:

  • LDC peak shaving
  • LDC off-pipeline franchising of new territories
  • Transportation
  • Industrial

Northstar’s view on the LNG/CNG marketplace is depicted in the following diagram: