Williams Content Image 2Ohio Valley Midstream (a Williams company) placed into service the Oak Grove interconnect facility off of their midstream pipeline system. Northstar designed, built, and installed the Oak Grove metering and regulating facility, with a design flow rate of up to 1 BCFD.

The interconnect consists of two facilities that were completely pre-fabricated at Northstar (by “complete” we mean that even the lights in the building turned on before it left our parking lot). The first building consists of two 12” ultrasonic meter runs, with room for a future, third run. This metering building measures 26’W x 50’L.

The second building consists of two 12” regulator runs, with space for a future, third run. The regulating building measures approximately 26’ W x 36’ L. Both buildings were designed according to company standards with a Northstar modular approach, made for over-the-road transport.

As always, a special thank you to our valued client.

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