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Northstar is one of a handful of U.S. companies that has designed and built complete LNG facilities. Among Northstar’s pedigree is the first LNG facility sited, designed, permitted and built in Massachusetts since the 1970’s: Berkshire Gas’ LNG Facility in Whately, MA.

Northstar has an experienced staff of mechanical and process engineers, many of which were ex-LNG plant operators and staffed with major LNG equipment suppliers.

Northstar will design and build LNG facilities as a general contractor for client ownership, or will design, build, own and operate for the industry.

If you have questions regarding LNG supply, economics, equipment, uses, etc., please click the “contact” tab and fill out an inquiry form, a Northstar representative will contact you shortly.

Products & Services:

  • Liquefaction Plants
  • LNG Peak-Shaving Facilities
  • LNG Customer Facilities (Storage & Vaporization)
  • Storage & Vaporization Additions

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