Northstar Industries is recognized for developing innovative designs, processes, and products that provide our customers with leading edge technologies, which enhance operations and market position.

US Patent 6,176,046: Portable Manufactured Modular Natural Gas Delivery Stations

US Patent 6,176,046 is for Northstar’s manufactured, modular natural gas metering and regulating facility for pipeline interconnects, city gate stations, gas storage, or industrial supply off of a high pressure pipeline.

The pre-fabricated, modular facility provides standardized, repeatable designs, which simplifies the construction of new interconnects. The design is also used for equipment and control buildings at an LNG or Propane Plant.

Modules include: Filtering, Measurement, In-line Heating, Pressure &, Flow Control, Odorization, and SCADA. Each module can be used independently or in combination.

U.S. Patent 6,474,101: High Pressure Natural Gas From LNG Without Pumps or Compressors

US Patent # 6,474,101 is for a modular design that provides clean and accessible fuel for remote compressed gas.

The natural gas handling system has a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage unit that converts the LNG to compressed natural gas without the use of pumps or compressors.

There are twenty (20) separate claims in this patent.