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Northstar has executed projects that flow 5 MMscfd up to pipeline expansion projects consisting of over 100 skids moving a total of 1 Bcf/d of capacity to a new market. We are designers, engineers, fabricators, project managers, and installers of purpose built, custom designed gate stations, pipeline topside facilities, and compressed and liquefied natural gas facilities.

We have been involved in a multitude of natural gas projects throughout the United States. From pipeline drawings to designing/building/installing surface facilities and liquefaction plants, Northstar excels at bringing clients high quality work and workmanship from project concept, to project completion. The Northstar process allows for positive economics and greatest ROI.

Compress Schedule with Advanced PlanningNorthstar Industries Project Efficient Process Flow

  • Shorter Delivery Time
  • More Activities in Parallel
  • Lower Expenditure
  • Less Risk for Changes
  • Greater Lifecycle Efficiency

Reduce Risk with Shop Fabrication

  • Eliminate weather issues
  • Reduce number of personnel on job site
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher degree of quality control

We also have our own patented and proprietary solutions to many LNG issues that operators and generators face – (US Patent 6,176,046: Portable Manufactured Modular Natural Gas Delivery Stations, U.S. Patent 6,474,101: High Pressure Natural Gas From LNG Without Pumps or Compressors)

Highlighted projects and solutions that Northstar has developed and completed throughout the years.




I have worked with Northstar since 1996 which has been 21 years. Northstar has designed and constructed GUC’s original LNG plant as well as all its expansions. The people of Northstar have integrity, skills and creativity to develop and deliver solutions. The greatest asset of Northstar is their people’s desire to build long term relationships with a sharp focus on exceeding the customers’ expectations. When you work with people who deliver a product beyond your expectations, examples of inspiration are not necessary.

– Anthony Miller, Director of Gas Systems, Greenville Utilities Commission

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