Why New England Suffers Higher Energy Prices in the Winter and During Cold Snaps

New England has long had constrained supply and access to natural gas due to a variety of different issues.  Unfortunately for those living in New England, these energy issues cause the citizens of the states of New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) to pay the highest energy (and electricity) prices in the United States.  Yes, New England consumers pay more for energy than the citizens who live in the bitter climates of North Dakota or Alaska pay!

A recent article in Real Clear Energy, written by William Murray, nicely sums up the reasons why New England lags behind in energy affordability and availability during times of peak demand; most notably during the winter with its “normal” cold and bitter cold snaps and also, during the high temperatures of the summers when demand for cooling increases.

Two reasons that the New England states are in this bind are: Lack of pipelines and an inability to import natural gas from foreign vessels and crews due to antiquated maritime laws.  Many New England states face local and state level opposition to building new pipelines.  Other states in the region with new pipeline capacity are able to take advantage of gas coming from the Marcellus shale and enjoy lower prices even during bitter cold weather snaps.

You can learn more about New England Energy Supply by downloading the Real Clear Energy article here.

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